Emmanuel Press Team


PETER GOODCHILD - The CEO since October 2018. Overseer, manager,       Providing leadership, direction and support to the team of workers in the offices


KAY GOODCHILD -  Receptionist, bookshop manager, & assisting Gillian in the main office.


GILLIAN HARRIS -  General office manager, overseeing daily finance, email   students and general administrative responsibilities


TEBOGO ZOFANYI   -  Head of Student Records coordination and I.T.Manager


CALVIN KHOZA   - The Dispatch, printing and packaging Manager


EZEKIAH MNDAWE  - Gardens Foreman and Office Administration Assistant


SOPHIE SITHOLE   - Our singing Cleaner for each of the offices (part-time)


DUMISANI NDLOVU  - Prisons Evangelist and schools worker (part-time)


NICO & CECILIA ENGELBRECT – Schools Workers Visitors & Teachers (part-time)




Think about it… God who made you able to ask the questions, will have the answers to satisfy the most enquiring and honest mind….      IF you will believe HIM?  Now THAT is THE question!

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