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Bringing God's Written Word to You

Our mission

To make disciples of Jesus Christ through God’s Written Word with our free tracts & Bible courses: in print, on Internet & by teaching.

The Bible is still the most popular book globally. It tells the good news of God’s love for you and His plans for every human being ever born. Our purpose is to share God’s message of Jesus Christ, and to help you discover more of the amazing detail! We offer you free flyer’s/ tracts and simple Bible courses on printed lessons or digitally, to help you know the reality of life with the God who cares about you.

What we do

We provide all our courses, tracts, and teaching materials absolutely free. Today, we recognize that here in Africa, as much as ever, the battle for the minds of the young is fierce and fraught with many challenges and are in need of the Word of God.

We Minister

Bringing God’s Written Word to local churches, schools, and prisons.

We Reach Out

We issue regular newsletters of our work and send regular ministry reports.

We Provide

We give out free tracts & Bible courses which are available in numerous languages. Our Bible courses can be posted, emailed, or completed online.

We Partner

We invite you to partner with us in whatever way you may choose, whether it be praying, giving, or funding. We are grateful to friends and churches that support us.

Our Courses

Emmanuel Press offers several different discipleship courses free of charge to anyone who wishes to be enrolled. Our courses are suitable for High School aged children and above. Please note the courses need to be completed in the order they are listed. There are 3 different ways to receive our Discipleship Course.

Each lesson in these courses contain teaching from the Bible and includes a short examination which is to be completed by the student and posted and or submitted to Emmanuel Press. Depending on which option you choose, we will than mark the examination and return it to you along with the next lesson in the course. Once you have completed all lessons we will send you a Certificate.

Please click on the options, read through the descriptions then select one to enroll:

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