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Emmanuel Press has been printing and providing gospel TRACTS and DISCIPLESHIP course materials

free of charge since 1928.  Would your congregation, cell group or community members benefit from being discipled?


Let Emmanuel Press Help You!


Research shows that people are more likely to complete a course when they study together.




Our courses are suitable for High School aged children and above.

Appoint one of your leaders to become a...





A Coordinator is someone who organizes a group of people who would like to receive our course through the post. The material can be studied individually or in a group setting. The Coordinator is the point of contact with Emmanuel Press. They receive and hand out the Lessons and collect and post the Examinations to us.





A Distributor is someone who will organize and possibly teach the material to a group of people. Emmanuel Press provides copies of

the Course for each person. The Distributor will collect and mark the Examinations. Final results are sent to Emmanuel Press so we can prepare a Certificate for each person.


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