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Because of the many belief systems and traditions that are widespread across Africa, there remains a clear need for Christian churches to teach The Bible: to teach the pure Written Word of God and apply it to everyday living. when surrounded with such a diversity of spiritual traditions, ancestral beliefs and ideologies, the best remedy is to accept, believe and apply the pure Written Word of God, to live a new life of purity, love and joy!


We seek to support church leaders in their responsibilities wherever they are, and provide them with our basic teaching materials though simple lessons. Leaders of all churches across Africa are invited to encourage their church members to enroll in the free courses to help establish and ground individuals in the basics truths of the Bible. Not only to repent before God and accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ but to study God’s Word and grow in Christian maturity and understanding.


It is always a delight to arrange special days for a Graduation ceremony, when students who have completed a series of lessons, are presented with their certificates in their own home church, together with fellow believers achieving their own award. Speak to your church leader and learn more about how Emmanuel Press will bring God’s Written Word to you!




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