Prison Ministry




Emmanuel Press has been bringing God’s Word into prisons for many decades. In 2003 Emmanuel Press was invited by the South African Correctional Services to place our Christian literature into prisons across the country.


Today the work still continues amidst all the changes and limitations that have taken place. And now, not only in South Africa, but in several other African nations also, prison wardens are aware of improvements in behavior and attitudes amongst the inmates who are enrolled in lessons and studies.


We are always looking for churches or individuals who might volunteer to adopt a prison near to them, so that more messengers could be Bringing God’s Written Word to those who need to hear.  If you are interested or see that you could help in this respect, please contact us and we will provide you with more information.




Little gifts to the ‘student’ in Lydenburg help to incentivize those who complete the basic course.

Our vision is that we reach as many as possible behind bars, lead them to salvation and disciple them to become mature believers so that on their eventual release, they will be ready and prepared to take their place back in society.

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