Today we recognize that here in Africa, as much as ever, the battle for the minds of the young is fierce and fraught with many challenges. Children are so precious and Jesus emphasized this to his disciples. But except we become like little children we cannot enter His Kingdom. Our heart is to bring The Written Word of God to school age children wherever that is practically possible. Today we have a dedicated couple working in schools and their success in encouraging children to do the Emmanuel Press lessons is rewarding.


As long as the doors of schools are open to receive God’s Word, we want to bless them with the Truth. A key person in each school is the teacher who acts as a coordinator, facilitating the distribution, and collecting of the children’s efforts with the courses.


It’s wonderful to hear the testimonies of stability and spiritual uplift that takes place in schools, families and even the communities. Oh for more workers to share in this good privilege of bringing God’s Word to so many children and young people!

If you are reading this and would like to help in this great ministry, or know of Christian teachers who could assist in bringing God’s written Word into schools, please do contact us at the office in White River. We would love to hear from you!





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