What we do

What we do

We provide all our courses, tracts, and teaching materials absolutely free. Today, we recognize that here in Africa, as much as ever, the battle for the minds of the young is fierce and fraught with many challenges and are in need of the Word of God.

We Minister

Bringing God’s Written Word to local churches, schools, and prisons.

We Reach Out

We issue regular newsletters of our work and send regular ministry reports.

We Provide

We give out free tracts & Bible courses which are available in numerous languages. Our Bible courses can be posted, emailed, or completed online.

We Partner

We invite you to partner with us in whatever way you may choose. We are grateful to friends and churches that support us.


Bringing God's written Word to schools

Today we recognize that here in Africa, as much as ever, the battle for the minds of the young is fierce and fraught with many challenges. Children are so precious and Jesus emphasized this to his disciples. But except we become like little children we cannot enter His Kingdom. Our heart is to bring The Written Word of God to school age children wherever that is practically possible. Today we have a dedicated team working in schools and their success in encouraging children to do the Emmanuel Press lessons is rewarding.
As long as the doors of schools are open to receive God’s Word, we want to bless them with the Truth. A key person in each school is the teacher who acts as a coordinator, facilitating the distribution, and collecting of the children’s efforts with the courses.
It’s wonderful to hear the testimonies of stability and spiritual uplift that takes place in schools, families and even the communities. Oh for more workers to share in this good privilege of bringing God’s Word to so many children and young people! If you are reading this and would like to help in this great ministry, or know of Christian teachers who could assist in bringing God’s written Word into schools, please do contact us at the office in White River. We would love to hear from you!

Bringing God's written Word to local churches

Because of the many belief systems and traditions that are widespread across Africa, there remains a clear need for Christian churches to teach The Bible: to teach the pure Written Word of God and apply it to everyday living. when surrounded with such a diversity of spiritual traditions, ancestral beliefs and ideologies, the best remedy is to accept, believe and apply the pure Written Word of God, to live a new life of purity, love and joy!
We seek to support church leaders in their responsibilities wherever they are, and provide them with our basic teaching materials though simple lessons. Leaders of all churches across Africa are invited to encourage their church members to enroll in the free courses to help establish and ground individuals in the basics truths of the Bible. Not only to repent before God and accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ but to study God’s Word and grow in Christian maturity and understanding.
It is always a delight to arrange special days for a Graduation ceremony, when students who have completed a series of lessons, are presented with their certificates in their own home church, together with fellow believers achieving their own award. Speak to your church leader and learn more about how Emmanuel Press will bring God’s Written Word to you!

Bringing God's written Word to prisons

Emmanuel Press has been bringing God’s Word into prisons for many decades. In 2003 Emmanuel Press was invited by the South African Correctional Services to place our Christian literature into prisons across the country.
Today the work still continues amidst all the changes and limitations that have taken place. And now, not only in South Africa, but in several other African nations also, prison wardens are aware of improvements in behavior and attitudes amongst the inmates who are enrolled in lessons and studies.
We are always looking for churches or individuals who might volunteer to adopt a prison near to them, so that more messengers could be Bringing God’s Written Word to those who need to hear. If you are interested or see that you could help in this respect, please contact us and we will provide you with more information.
Little gifts to the ‘student’ in Lydenburg help to incentivize those who complete the basic
Our vision is that we reach as many as possible behind bars, lead them to salvation and disciple them to become mature believers so that on their eventual release, they will be ready and prepared to take their place back in society.

Order Tracts

The purpose of our tracts is to enable the Holy Spirit to create a desire in the reader to learn more about Jesus, and complete the Response Slip and send it to us. We then enroll them in our FREE Discipleship Course. The first Lesson we send is called The Way of Salvation, and after reading it many people commit their lives to Christ. We would like to send you a package of Tracts FREE of charge (approximately 100).
Tracts are available in Afrikaans, Chichewa, English, French, Pedi, Portuguese, Sotho, Swahili, Swati, Tsonga, Tswana, Venda, Xhosa and Zulu. Please be advised that our tracts can ONLY be posted.

Get Involved!

Whether it be Partnering, Praying and/or Giving

Emmanuel Press is a Christian NPC (Nonprofit Company) and we provide all our courses, tracts and teaching materials absolutely free. We do also stock a variety of Bibles and Hymnbooks in our Bookshop in reception in our offices in White River, and they are competitively priced for your interest. You are welcome to come and browse. We are grateful to friends and churches that support us and we see that God provides for all our needs to maintain this ministry, as we trust Him. We issue regular Newsletters of our work and invite you to partner with us in whatever way you may choose. Please let us have your email / contact details and we will be glad to add you to our mailing list to receive regular ministry reports.

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